Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Forgot I had this thing. Been in Wyoming for a few months now, it's pretty dope out here. I'd have more of an incentive to update this if I still had a camera since I'm not all too hot on writing, but I decided to put my buddy Mitch's (shit) camera in commission and (try) to get shit poppin again. Here's a teaser of what's to come outta the wild west. Cheers.

Laradise from Scott Mao on Vimeo.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Well, I tried. My camera ended up getting stolen along with my massive memory card full of things I never saved and I'm moving to Wyoming in a week or two so I'll just be wingin it.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

RIP Daniel Nevela

So a little more than a week ago, I was out and about in SoCal. From there I was to embark on a road-trip back to Chicago, stopping by some places along the way, taking my time, kickin it, and just enjoying life ya know? Surly it sounds like a blast and I assure you that it was.. until one of the last legs of the journey.
Upon departure from my last stop in Long Beach, CA, I headed to Arizona to stay with a good friend of ours, Dan. He's one of the OG members of ASC and I'll tell ya, he's been skating way before any of you even heard of PacSun. If any of you have ever met him before, you'd have no problem vouching for his truly unique personality. I know people say that type of shit all the time but seriously, there was no one as free-spirited and humorous as Dan. I had a good time kickin it there with him considering the fact that he was free of his fiance for once. I'm not trying to make this a novel but once we hit the road and got to New Mexico that night, something wasn't right when he wasn't texting back. He was supposed to meet us back in the midwest later that week. I've never thought about putting someone's personality into words before until recently and it's tough. Especially with someone as cool as Dan. It sucks when people ask 'Who was Dan?' cause there's no way in hell you could justify a being with words. This feels like it's becoming one of those coming of age stories and I'm sure I can rant and weep all day but I'll just leave this at that. I was stoked to be able to share all of my stories from the trip but now I couldn't care less. Dan, we all miss you buddy. We haven't realized how much of an impact you've left in all of us till now but you know your legacy will continue on through our crew and everyone else from the garage. It was truly an honor to be able to spend the very last few days with you. Rest easy until we can meet again.

Monday, April 11, 2011


Made a mix yesterday, coming straight from the basement. Cept we were outside this time.. Check it out!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


A little while ago I mentioned Marty & Nappy's promotion company. Well to finally get the ball rolling with that, I bring you their first show right here in Chicago featuring: DJ Craze - five-time DMC World Champion, Dieselboy - staple within the DnB the scene who's also making a name in dubstep (spinning alongside with MC Messinian to hype things up), Dillon Francis - reppin Mad Decent fresh outta LA, Heroes & Villains - coming through from ATL, also reppin Mad Decent + HEAVY, and last but not least DJ Nappy - the father and architect of Thugstep itself. Not a bad lineup at all, things are surely gettin buck nasty that night. Make sure you'll be able to attend and get tickets HERE!.


Click on the picture for the Facebook event.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

RIP Ruiner

_MG_0318 by scott mao
_MG_0318, a photo by scott mao on Flickr.
Still getting over the overs..
I never would've thought these shows would be the last time seeing them. They were definitely my favorite hardcore band. But hey, it was a good run and at least I got a little something from the last few times they came around; despite the fact that I wasn't able to make it out for their last show in Maryland or wherever the fuck it was wowowow. The picture was taken from the intimate, last minute show they threw in DeKalb after the real gig was canceled in the actual city. This show proved to be one the best set's I've ever seen live and everyone there actually wanted to be there (considering we had to drive an hour and a half further last minute). The video below was taken a while back before their latest album 'Hell is Empty' dropped. Knowing me, I held off on uploading that shit till the news first got out that they were retiring from the scene. More recently I used up the remaining 50 odd dollars in my paypal to purchase their vinyls as well as a few other shit from their webstore. Good times they were.. I'll stay thankful for the hand outs, thankful for the chance.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I remember back when...

IMG_2957 by scott mao
IMG_2957, a photo by scott mao on Flickr.
Pictured: Chris O. with a b/s smith to k/f out.
I just realized that ASC was started back in 2006 because of skateboarding and I haven't even made one related post. Obviously through just being older things have changed quite a bit. But ASC has decided to get back in the game (or at least try to. I find myself saying this every year). Skeptical? Well I am too, but I have compiled this short list of why this year may actually be different this time.
  • Looks like I'm on L'Myreo's as the filmer, so expect some footy from the team on top of the ASC mandem and all the other niggas in the 847.
  • Luke has been the only nigga still on his game, and in return has evolved from the bullhead-wearing-neon-krux-lookin-ass to a fucking monster.
  • Little Johnny has finally returned from being MIA surprisingly due to some run ins with the law (I know, right?). Let us also have a moment of silence for Fairview, you've done us good over the years and will be missed.
  • Mike randomly hit me up a few days ago after also being MIA over the past year. Turns out this nigga was locked up after all that probation/house arrest shit.
  • Sam has been a hermit for a while, but seems he's been taking it easy on the pills nowaday.. or so I think...
  • Butch still works at the fucking Shred Shop.
  • Jamie still doesn't skate. Got a second broken bone followed by surgery because of another skating accident lmaomflaheahahahalolololol

and that pretty much concludes it. Everyone else is either on drugs or doesn't matter, but hey, that's most of the old crew right? Let's hope we can get a 2011 montage or something going this year..

Monday, March 21, 2011

Excuses, excuses....

IMG_3146 by scott mao
IMG_3146 a photo by scott mao on Flickr.

Yeah the blog is goin pretty slow. And as you can see, I tend to visit this liquor store quite often during this time of year so my productivity reaches alarmingly low rates. No need for worries though (even though I dropped out of school about a month ago), the spring-time draws near with hope. My old ass computer recently took a shit on me so I replaced it with a new one so it's time to re-up my softwarez and whatnot. Seems like I always find a reason to put off on making vids, but when I think about it, I do that with pretty much everything else in life. Anyways, as soon as I get the programs up and running, I'll be sure to dabble yous with some more shitty videos to hold off with until the serious summer season.

Oren's GTI (not to be mistaken for an .:R - tricky tricky!) still reppin that winter status here. As I said though, no worries.. Soon enough folks.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dirty south

If you know anything about "Thugstep", then you've probably heard of the father himself, DJ Nappy. My buddy Marty who has been a long-time friend of his has teamed up to bring you some new shit coming atcha right here in Chicago. Stay tuned for some big tings from them in the near future, I will definitely keep yall posted with that.

Check out their website here.
and here for DJ Nappy's page

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A3 cruisin

Originally uploaded by scott mao
No school, free gas, Lake Shore Drive.. What's a better way to go about it?